Children Learning And Drawing Card Set

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ūüé®Drawing! ‚úćLearning! ūü§£Entertainment!
A Good Product to Make Your Children Calm Down!


  • Made of¬†environment-friendly material,¬†non-toxic and non-pollution.

  • Only water¬†is used to paint so it‚Äôs¬†safe and clean. No mess in cleaning up or washing!¬†

  • The¬†soft and round nib¬†reduces the risk of hurting children by accident.

  • This appealing series will¬†entertain children¬†while giving them¬†an enlightenment on learning.

  • Textured fabrics and bright colors help to¬†develop children‚Äôs sensory awareness.

  • Reusable!¬†About 8 min later in room temperature, the painting will disappear after water evaporation

  • This is suitable for¬†12 months to 6 years old¬†children.

Pen Usage

  1. Soak the nib into the water for about 2-3 hours to avoid water leakage.

  2. Add water to the pen and create the magic card.


  • Letter Set: card+2 pens; Number Set: card+1 pen


  • Type: early education
  • Weight: 350 g/set
  • Options: letter set / number set


    • 1 or 2 sets¬†of¬†Children Learning And Drawing Card