Heart Necklace Set With Rose

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🌹You know the moments - the ones you want to be remembered forever, when words alone are not enough to capture the feeling. Our passion is the manufacture of exquisite precious stone jewelry that elevates these special occasions to lasting memories. The most exciting occasions require gems selected and selected by specialists, and we have the heritage and experience to create luxurious pieces that will say a million things. Whether Happy Birthday, Thank You or I accept, our fine jewelry is made to be precious, long lasting and beautiful like those times when time stands still. 🌹


  • Superior Material
    Beautiful jewels start with quality materials. Each gem is handpicked from the best rough material that is meticulously selected for color hue and saturation. This means that each piece of jewelry contains stones that display vibrant colors adding beauty to the piece.

  • Precision Cutting
    With experience spanning generations, our stone cutters place each facet with mathematical precision, capturing the dance of inner light. Each curve and angle is purposely cut, resulting in an extraordinary display of brilliance that you can experience.

  • Handmade
    Jewelry is a form of expression; it is also an extension of you. With decades of experience, our skilled craftsmen combine traditional and modern techniques to deliver finely crafted jewelry that you will feel good about.

  • Precious
    Metals Solid and durable precious metals of 14K gold and 925 sterling silver are used to create our jewelry and individually stamped to ensure the purity of the metal. Each piece is polished by hand ensuring a luxurious finish. Hypoallergenic, nickel-free and safe for sensitive skin.

  • Design
    From traditional styles to art nouveau, designing is our passion. Our designers are inspired by conservative values ​​and modern trends to create pieces that evoke beauty, invigorate your spirit and transform occasions into unforgettable moments.

  • Gift donation
    Create personal and unforgettable moments. Opening the box is an experience and more than receiving a beautiful jewel, it strengthens the user and elevates occasions and feelings to special ones. Do more than give a simple gift - give them a memory that they can really cherish.


  •  1 * Rose, 1 * Necklace, 1 * Package Box