Inner Cooling Helmet Cap

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 ❄ An internal cap that makes the helmet feel cool, breathable and comfortable.


Although it is for SAFETY, all cyclists feel the KNOWLEDGE of wearing a HELMET , that is why we have the SOLUTION to KEEP IT COMFORTABLE and SAFE at the same time, presenting the INTERIOR COOLING LAYER OF THE HELMET.


  • Internal Cooling Helmet Cap is an internal cap worn under the helmet. It is made of super POLYESTER MICROFIBER fabric that makes it SOFT and BREATHABLE. Helps absorb and retain body heat and reduce accumulated sweat. It is WICKED WICKED and FAST DRY . PREVENTS BUILT-IN MOISTURE, DIRT AND ODOR in your HELMETS .
  • Inner Cooling Helmet Cap is a PERFECT HELMET LINING if you like mountain biking, road racing, motorcycling, skiing, snowboarding, hitting the slopes and working outside with a helmet.
  • The helmet's internal cooling cap can HOLD your HAIR in place , so you don't have to worry about HAVING HAIR . It is lightweight, stretchy and is a perfect fit as it is one size fits all and perfect for both men and women.


  • Product Name: Inner Cooling Helmet
  • Color: black , white
  • Type: hat / cap
  • Material: polyester fiber + spandex


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