Mesh Loafers Sneakers

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ūüéČ Comfortable Footwear‚ú®


  • Woven upper surface, light tidal vitality¬†: the upper part is made of lines of air-permeable material, which is visible to the eyes, and the upper leg has the light tidal vitality
  • Breathable and comfortable inner skin¬†: selected material for the skin, such as inner gear, comfortable, non-slip, with comfortable return, care for the skin of the feet
  • MD rubber outsole¬†: non-slip coolness, the design of the grooves on the edge of the shoe, with three-dimensional shading, highlights the cool non-slip character.
  • Reduces plantar pain and promotes better posture¬†: A good pair of shoes is important to improve your overall posture.¬†Our feet support all the weight of our body, it is important to have comfortable shoes and shock absorbers.¬†The sole is designed to absorb shocks and relieve every cushioning of the foot on the ground, thus relieving all plantar pain.¬†Thanks to its thick and elastic sole, your feet are well anchored to the ground and thus avoid the imbalance of the hips.¬†Your knees return to their natural axis and the pressure on your muscles is reduced.

  • A unique and modern design¬†: Designed with a quality technological fiber, our shoes have no seams, which gives your feet more freedom and flexibility.¬†The fabric, flexible and elastic, will adapt perfectly to each morphology.¬†The seams present in other shoes often cause blisters or unpleasant sensations on the feet. The absence of seams reduces friction.¬†It will give maximum comfort.¬†Stay comfortable in your sneakers even in summer.


  • Popular elements¬†: sewing, color matching.
  • Top¬†: Knitted Top
  • Sole material¬†: MD rubber sole
  • Heel height¬†: 4 cm.
  • Size chart¬†:


  • 1 pair of *¬†loafers