Compression Socks

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Healthy, Straight Toes and Painless, Sweat-free Feet with these Compression Socks! Breathable, 5-toe Design.

Compression Socks come with individual toe slots to prevent overlapping. This reduces blister formation and reverses foot deformities such as bunions, hallux valgus, and plantar problems,

Providing special care for bunion correction & tiring feet. The socks separate toes and provide optimal compression which promotes better circulation. 

The ultra soft material significantly reduces friction to prevent the blister or callus formation. Breathable, stretchy and comfortable to wear.


  • TOE SEPARATION: Properly separates the toes and prevents swelling.
  • STOP BUNIONS: Reverses bunions and realigns joints by increasing space between big toe & second toe.
  • REDUCE PAIN: Eliminates stabbing pain and weak tendons from Morton's neuroma, toe drift and other feet problems.
  • PROMOTE CIRCULATION: Optimizes blood circulation & relaxes tiring feet with soothing compression.
  • ULTRA SOFT: Anti-blister & foot-pampering with ultra-soft, flexible and durable material.
  • BREATHALE: Moisture wicking, anti-odor & breathable to dry fast & absorb moisture between toes.
  • NON-SLIP: Non-slip & stretchy design for perfect snug fit on any feet sizes.
  • WIDELY APPLICATION: Nearly invisible under any footwear. Perfect for high heels, flats, sports shoes and leather shoes.


  • Material: Spandex, Polyester
  • Size: Unique Woman (size 34 to 42)
  • Color: Skin,black


  • Compression Socks (1pair/ 3 pairs/5pairs)