Remote control duplicator

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You can now make a copy of any key in a few seconds through simple steps and prepare for possible broken keys, which will definitely fit your daily use like a dream.

It comes in handy when you want to carry your keychain-sized sets of keys. You don't have to worry about privacy and security either. It uses one-to-one key copying technology and each key's password is stored individually.


  • WIRELESS REMOTE CONTROL DUPLICATOR:  Copy existing remote controls for cars, car sunroofs, garage doors, gate doors, heating systems, home automation, e.g. lighting and etc.

  • ABCD FOUR BUTTONS:  Copy four different types of chips at a time to operate four different types of facilities.

  • FIXED FREQUENCY: Works  for 315 / 433MHz fixed codes and learning codes; Transmission distance is 50-100m (open space)

  • ONE-TO-ONE-KEY-COPY-TECHNOLOGY:  The password of each key is saved individually and is reliable.

  • PORTABLE HUMAN DESIGN:  Convenient size of the keychain attached to your car keys. Sliding button cover to protect the buttons from unintentional unplanned actuation.

Clear for code

  1. Press buttons A and B at the same time. The LED flashes three times in approx. 2 seconds and then goes out.

  2. Release the B button while holding down the A button. Don't let go of her.

  3. Press button B three times and you will see the LED blink rapidly and continuously (button A still stops). This indicates that the code has been cleaned up.

  4. Release button A and you have successfully deleted the code.

For cloning

  1. Take the original remote in one hand and the clone remote in the other. Hold the two remote controls as close as possible.

  2. Press the first buttons on the two remotes at the same time and you should see the LED light blink slowly twice and then three times.

  3. You have now successfully cloned this button. Now use the same method to copy the rest of the keys.


  • Nominal voltage:  12 (V)

  • Weight:  0.07 pounds

  • Size:  3.9 * 3.9 * 1.96 inches

  • Nominal current:  14 (mA)

  • Package: 1 * a remote control duplicator

  • Powered by 1 x 27A battery (included)

  • Compatible chips:  2262, 2260, 5026, 5326, 5326-3, 5326-4, FP527, PT2240, EV1527, HT6010, HT6014, HT12E, HT640, HT680, PLC168, SMC series, 9XX, PT2292, 12L - 4SC, HT6026 , UM3750AM etc.

  • Compatible crystal frequency  AMERICAN 315 MHz / OTHER COUNTRIES 433 MHz