Secure cash and card wallet

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Secure cash and card wallet


Compared with wallets and leather wallets, our aluminum protective sleeves protect the card from theft (RFID scanning). (RFID radio frequency identification)

RFID-radio frequency identification technology


  • Our Secure Cash & Card Wallet is the first aluminum wallet with integrated card and coin compartments, and has a patented storage system to ensure security and organization
  • Storage compartment includes storage space for up to 6 credit cards and additional storage space for business cards, receipts, tickets or another 2 credit cards
  • The cash box has a sliding anti-theft function that can store coins and stainless steel banknote bags
  • The elegant, high-gloss metal surface protection layer prevents RFID scanning, demagnetization or splashing, sand, snow or mechanical loads.
  • Organic design, smooth, curved lines, extremely strong and durable, light weight
  • Type: Wallet
  • Material: Aluminum alloy ABS stainless steel
  • Dimensions: as shown
  • Color: black/orange/gold/silver/red/blue/purple
  • 1 * RFID secure cash and card wallet