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Thanks to the advances we have made in footwear technology, we have developed a higher quality technical shoe that provides lasting protection without adding weight. The shoes are made of Kevlar, a tough and lightweight material.
The integrated solution for technical shoes offers a combination of comfort, fashion and protection,


  • The cushioning technology - prevents foot fatigue and pain after hard work.
  • Anti-rod sole - protects the feet from potential hazards
  • anti-slip technology - sole made of protective rubber
  • Antistatic insulation - offers you additional protection against hazards in the workplace
  • Modern style design - casual, comfortable, integrated with lots of practical design

1.Breathable outer material:

Absorb moisture and sweat in the first place
Ensure air flow and air permeability, keep foot odour away

2.Steel cap according to European standard:
It is made of high-strength steel and protects your toes from bruising and falling objects.

3.Kevlar outsole:
Bulletproof materials can protect your feet from workplace and environmental hazards

4.Flexible shoelaces:
Convenient strapless can provide convenience and comfort for your feet
High-quality laces offer more comfort for your feet

5.Good flexibility:
Elastic and flexible ingredients help to distribute the weight evenly on your feet

Colour: Black/white
Style:Outdoor, travel, everyday life
Package:1* one pair of shoes

Delivery: A pair of safety shoes