Stainless Steel Round Necklace

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✨✨Seven angels seal a round plaque, a necklace of writings


This 'Seal of the Seven Archangel' necklace is a very powerful amulet from Armadelle's Grimoire, it will protect you from negative energies, will bring great happiness!

This seven-pointed star (heptagram) containing the names of the seven archangels. The Latin names of the seven planets and their symbols are engraved in the center of the seven-pointed star.

If you are a very sensitive person, you will be able to feel her powerful vibrations by looking at her.

♋ Archangel MICHAEL, whose name means "one who resembles God". Known for its role as a protector, it can take away any feelings of fear, lack or negative energy.

♑ Archangel Gabriel, whose name means "God is my strength", announced the birth of Jesus to Mary and Joseph. He is the Archangel Messenger who runs the family business.
♓ Archangel TSAFKIEL, is the archangel in charge of divine justice who judges each of us and exercises a precise and just karma, good or bad, depending on the actions performed.
♌ Archangel ZADKIEL, His name means "the righteousness of God" and he is a compassionate Archangel with whom you can find comfort.
♎ ARCHANGEL SAMUEL, His name means "the one who sees God" and he helps you go through complicated emotional moments. It will also help you find out who your soulmate is.
♊ ARCHANGEL RAPHAEL, His name means "the healer of God" and he has powerful healing powers that he uses on humans and also on animals.
♉ Archangel HANIEL, His name means "the grace of God" and he accompanies you throughout your journey towards a peaceful and harmonious life. You can ask him to develop your gift of clairvoyance.


  •  Material: stainless steel
  • Chain included: 60cm
  • Diameter : 25mm (approx)
  • Weight: 7.5g
  • Color: Black / Golden / Silver


1 * Round Stainless Steel Necklace