Waffle Mold Set

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Fall in love with healthy, simple cooking with the most innovative waffle mold set.


  • Cooking with the most innovative wafer shape set is absolutely safe and has many advantages. This is the ideal material for the manufacture of products that come into contact with food.

  • There are no leftovers that change the taste of food.
    The waffle mold set is non-stick coated. They do not have to be lubricated, which makes demolding easier

  • In addition, you can easily fold and store the products made with this flexible material without deforming them, saving space in the kitchen.

  • Waffle mold set made of platinum silicone withstands high temperatures.

  • Its versatility and ability to withstand high temperatures make it safe to use in the microwave, oven, dishwasher, refrigerator and freezer.

  • Platinum silicone is water and germ-repellent and, in addition to easy storage, guarantees maximum food hygiene and safety.


  • Form: rectangle, heart

  • Color: red

  • Size: Heart Shape: 1.5 * 17.5CM, Rectangle Shape: 28.5 * 18.5 * 1.5CM

  • Weight: Heart shape: 60G, Rectangle shape: 100G

  • Material: silicone


  • 1 * waffle mold set